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Judging at Bakewell Open Show

Nita thoroughly enjoyed her day Judging at Bakewell Show on Sunday 17th July. The weather was hot so it was lovely to see a quality entry. BOB was 15 mth old bitch Absolutely Happy Go Lucky Alaya, and RBOB went to 18 mth old dog Ayodele Hatari

17th July 2022 Rhodesian Ridgebacks:


1st - Malicka's Absolutely Happy Go Lucky Alaya

This pretty red wheaten 15 month old bitch caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring, with her flowing lines she presented a balanced, elegant outline. Correct planes to head with good length of muzzle, clean fitting lips and defined stop, would prefer a slightly rounder eye but her expression was compelling. Feminine yet with a good deal of substance, she stood well off for bone on strong, straight forelegs atop a good spring of pastern and tight feet. Perhaps a little more infill of chest would complete the picture but this may come with maturity, her forehand was overall well angled and muscular. Fairly well ribbed back with a good length of loin, she presented a correct height to length ratio, her top line and pleasing croup were evidence of her sound construction, and I was pleased to see her hold it up well on the move. Good turn of stifle, and hocks strong and low to the ground enabled her to power off into a decent stride for a bitch so young. Would like a little more extension fore and rear but it was a very hot day and most of the exhibits were similarly reserved in movement. Promising youngster. Pleased to award her BOB.

PG D/B (4, 2)

1st – Collins' Ayodele Hatari I liked this red wheaten 18 mth old male a lot. Moderate in size, he had good substance all through, was well muscled and had good width between his shoulders and hips when viewed from above. With his strong topline, excellent croup, and matching angles fore and aft, he powered around the ring with a solid gait. Shown in excellent condition and at one with his handler, I just preferred the stop and head planes of the winner on this occasion. The icing on the cake was his gentle expression and excellent temperament, he was happy to do whatever was asked of him. Pleased to award him RBOB.

2nd – Hancocks Stasimelsie Mace This sweet 3 year old bitch was another of excellent temperament, her tail did not stop wagging at any point! Excellent, tight feet and handled sympathetically, she scored in her elegant neck and forechest, with her well angled shoulder and good return of upper arm. Would like a little more substance and drive from behind, but her overall outline was pleasing, and she clearly enjoyed her time in the ring, which was lovely to see.

O D/B (3, 1

1st – Malicka's Cracovia Alma Gerdin Longridge A light wheaten 2 year old bitch with the prettiest of heads, she caught my eye for her alert, bright, round eyes of harmonising colour with her coat, set well apart, in a head of excellent proportions, having good width and depth of muzzle, all framed by her well set ears which were used well when stacked and carried close to her head whilst moving. She excelled in her front assembly, with a deep chest, powerful shoulders well laid back with good return of upper arm, and elbows well in. She moved very soundly, with reach and drive, and pushed hard for RBOB, I just preferred the croup of the winner.


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