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First Name: Lee

Last Name: B****e


Phone: 078*****965

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: whatever I write about Nita & Alex simply wouldn't do them justice. They are amazing breeders and were a joy to deal with. They are also lovely people. As first time RR owners we appreciated its not always easy for breeders to let their puppies go to these families but Nita & Alex gave us every chance after some very sensible and reassuring due diligence. Nita simply couldn't do enough for us and would happily answer the endless questions. to the point we visited their amazing home, got to meet their amazing stable of Ridgebacks (who were all lovely) and picked up our beloved Lupo. Lupo has settled into our home amazingly well and it's testiment to both Nita & Alex for how they brought Lupo up in his first 10 weeks. They worked so hard on this litter and are complete experts!! I couldn't recommend Nita, Alex & Kazembe enough!

How do you feel about us as breeders?: Nita and Alex are highly experienced breeders and that knowledge helped us no end. The pure love they have for this breed is incredible and it means we get happy, healthy pups.

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: Just that if you are thinking of getting a RR puppy, please do reach out to Kazembe. They produce the best quality pups (I know as I did hundreds of hours of research on the breed and all the 'breeders') and are so lovely to deal with.

Message Details:

First Name: Amy

Last Name: M****n

Email: amysm****

Phone: 079*****312

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: From day one, Nita and Alex have been 100% professional. We were well informed throughout the whole process and Nita was available day and night to answer questions. I've had Ridgebacks before and never received the care and attention I've received from the Webster's.

How do you feel about us as breeders?: Nita and Alex are responsible breeders through and through. It's all about the puppies and their welfare. The care and attention that goes into the welfare of their puppies is above and beyond. Up all hours of the night caring for them. I loved having videos and photos sent to me of our chosen pup. And I loved that they choose the right puppy for each family. I will always get my Ridgebacks from this breeder because I have absolute confidence in them.

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: Just keep doing what you are doing! X

Message Details:

First Name: Natasha & Stuart

Last Name: M*****n


Phone: 079*****451

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: We registered with Kazembe over a year ago having decided we wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We had a good feeling about them as breeders and waited for one of their puppies. I am so glad we did as our experience has surpassed all our expectations.

How do you feel about us as breeders?: Nita and her family clearly invests so much time and effort in breeding the best dogs possible. Her dogs have exceptional temperaments, are healthy and truly loved. Kazembe kept us involved in the puppies progress and ensured they were well socialised and on the way to being toilet trained. They have provided lots of information and recommendations and are always on hand if we had any queries.

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: We have now brought home the most well adjusted, healthy, calm and confident puppy who has and will enrich our lives and be very much loved. Without hesitation we recommend Kazembe Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Message Details:

First Name: Julia

Last Name: A*****


Phone: 079*****639

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: Kazembe RR is exceptional. Nita and Alex have been fantastic in every way. We have been kept very well informed of the mother's pregnancy, birth and our puppy's 'pupdates' up until the day we got her. Nita sent videos, photos and messages every day. They are extremely knowledgeable, loving and trustworthy.

How do you feel about us as breeders?: I can say without doubt that Kazembe Ridgebacks is by far the best RR breeder I have had contact with in 22 years of owning RRs. They are honest, kind, knowledgeable and caring breeders - and they genuinely adore their dogs, who are all much-loved house pets. None are kept in kennels. We met all their dogs and for the breed, they were unusually welcoming, very happy, loved, well-trained, in excellent condition - and beautiful!

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: I am not a friend. This is a genuine testimonial.

Message Details:

First Name: Katherine

Last Name: Ro*****al

Email: kath*******@**********

Phone: 077*****408

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: It's difficult to faithfully convey just how wonderfully involving and part of the Kazembe family Alex & Nita make you feel from the moment you become lucky enough to make the list! Their due diligence in assessing and qualifying potential owners, to ensure the pups that they have so devotedly given the very best possible start to in life is matched by the knowledge they are going to the very best possible homes is reassuring in the extreme (at least, once you've got over your nerves as to whether you're going to make the grade!) It was great to get regular pupdates of the litter and their milestones (eyes opening, becoming more active, weaning chaos!) and later photos & funny videos of the little pup Alex & Nita had selected as being most suited to us. I also love the fact that Alex & Nita hold onto the pups until 10 weeks of age, where experience has taught them that by doing so the pups have more confidence and are better equipped to adjust to life in their new homes. When the puppies were about 6 or 7 weeks old, Nita sent lots of incredibly helpful information through to help us prepare for the arrival of our new pup - from crate recommendations, beds & toys to feeding requirements, insurance recommendations, books and training aids. And the support and advice continues. Loki has been a very welcome addition to our family for two weeks now but Alex & Nita are always on hand for advice personally and a Kazembe WhatsApp group they set up allows all of us to share our experiences, tips, triumphs and tribulations. In short, the experience has been first class and beyond all expectations.

How do you feel about us as breeders?: It is quite apparent from your very first dealings with Alex & Nita that they are single-mindedly devoted to the welfare, health, happiness and wellbeing of the breed. Matching the right puppy to the right owners is a masterful touch and serves only to illustrate how seriously they take their responsibility as breeders. With a Kazembe Rhodesian Ridgeback, Alex & Nita have done all of the hard work for you - through careful breeding for health and temperament, loving, round-the-clock care and the many years of expertise they have that they are so willing to share - you can be assured of a happy, healthy pup and all the support you could ever need to ensure that pup becomes a valued, well-mannered and much loved member of your family. We are continually amazed by how confident, well-adjusted and easy going our little pup is and that is very much down to the ground-work done by Alex & Nita - our job now is one of crafting and introducing Loki to our lifestyle. I have no doubt that he will take it all in his perfect little stride. Thank you both.

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: No, just keep doing what you're doing. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Kazembe

Message Details:

First Name: Emma

Last Name: Vi****t

Email: emmav****

Phone: 077*****660

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: Our family feels incredibly lucky to own one of your beautiful RR's. Nelson, a puppy from the Kazembe Royal Litter, continues to grow in strength, stamina, and compassion for others. He is a truly incredible dog. Handsome, intelligent, adoring, and wonderfully cheeky. We have been so lucky to not only share each stage with you both (Nita and Alex), but also that of the litter's family, through regular contact. We have waited for a long time for a RR, but Nelson was worth it. Others have asked us whose dog he is, meaning I suppose one member of the family. The answer? He shares his love equally, making sure we each receive at least one good 'RR lean' a day. If you asked Nelson, he would probably say that he was Luna's (our 6 year old Staffie) dog. He adores her, and she him. Introducing our puppy to another dog was also something Kazembe supported and advised upon - although I suspect Luna truly deserves this credit..

How do you feel about us as breeders?: I could probably write a thesis on this (but thankfully for you I won't). The Kazembe support is incredible. Without intrusion, they offer advice, tips, and innate experience that has helped us to enjoy nurturing our RR to young adulthood. Absolutely everything from understanding their traits, to helping with practical tips (i.e. lead training). RR's are a complex breed, but understanding their behaviour (which Kazembe can explain) has vastly enabled our family to make the most out of his first year. The most valuable piece of advice I was given was to trust him. A rapidly growing puppy, who doesn't know his own size, needed that. They are intelligent enough to sense your faith in them, which changes everything, and the unconditional love that they give you in return.

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: Not at all. Thank you for everything. For the support, the continued interest in Nelson's wellbeing, and the wonderful banter we share on our Litter's WhatsApp group. Even if you are not lucky enough to one day own one of the Kazembe puppies, don't hesitate to contact Nita and Alex. They are so incredibly passionate about their dogs, and importantly, they just know if a Rhodesian Ridgeback is right for you. Next time... a 'little' girl please ...

Message Details:

First Name: Cerian

Last Name: J****on

Email: cerianj****

Phone: 077*****425

Rate: Excellent

Please write about your experience with us: I was fortunate enough to welcome a puppy, Kgosi, from the first letter into my family! We frequently get stopped wherever we go for people to tell me how beautiful he is, or how regal and proud he holds himself. He's a gentle giant, great with kids, other dogs although petrified of all puppies. He is also the most affectionate and loyal boy I could ever even imagine! Speaking to the other families, this is definitely a Kazembe ridgeback theme! Right from day one he was a dream - Nita and Alex had already begun some training when the litter were very young which was a huge benefit - he picked things up so quickly! The support I have received from Nita over the years has truly been amazing. From the moment I visited her, Alex, their children and their pack, I felt as though I was part of the Kazembe family. Over the years, she has always been at the end of the phone and her advice and guidance has been so helpful, not only to me but to our vet! I regularly recommend her to anyone I meet who says they're interested in adding a ridgeback to their family.

How do you feel about us as breeders?: As mentioned above, I have absolutely no concerns about recommending Kazembe and Nita to anyone who expresses an interest in this breed. I initially searched for around three years to find a breed and breeder that was right for me. I have complete confidence in Nita's advice and would never consider adding a pup without her consultation (which I hope will be a second Kazembe pup one day!)

Would recommend: Yes

Is there anything we can improve on, or do you have anything else you would like to add?: -

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